27 Montefiore

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Project Scope

  • Rebranding
  • Creating a visual language
  • UX & UI design
  • Web Development

My role

  • Brand designer
  • Visual Designer
  • UX & UI designer
  • Web developer
First thing first - we needed a new name

At the time, the hotel went through renovations and came to conclusion they needed to present it as a new experience.

The previous name was "27 Montefiore", which named after the street and street number of the hotel location.

The number 27 was very symbolic and we wanted to keep it in the new name.

In the process of crafting a new name for the hotel, I went through the the history of Sir Moses Haim Montefiore, which the street were named after.

Montefiore was born in Livorno, Italy - that was my starting point, from there I tried to connect Italy and the translation of hotel.

In Italian, "Albergo" means hotel - right away it ringed as a catchy word with a premium and boutique sound.

Adding the number 27 to it and "27 Albergo TLV" was born.

Sir Moses Haim Montefiore

The rebranding phase

The new brand we were creating should reflect the values of a boutique and premium hotel with an urban and modern feeling (as it placed in the heart of Tel-Aviv, Israel).

To communicate the brand values, I used a bold and aesthetic serif font which transfer the boutique feel, mixed with a san serif font to balance it with a modern look.

Logo creation process and versions
Logo applications
Final Logo
Final logo | Rectangle & suare lockups | Color variations

Brand assets & applications

A business such as a hotel has a lot of print materials that wrap its hosting experience, here are some of them:

Door hangers

A new online experience - the website

A main part of this project was to redesign the whole hotel website.

The old version of the website didn't represent the new brand values and didn't present the hotel in an attractive way to possible customers.

Old(left) vs. new(right)