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Full Stack Designer
& Web Developer


Hi, I’m Omer :)

I'm a self - taught, curios and tech-oriented designer.
I love to solve complex problems with a simple, human-centered design.

I have a strong passion for digital products & beautiful visuals.
With over 5 years of experience, I would love to help you with your next project.

Current position: Full - time product designer @dayzz,
but I’ll be happy to discuss about new freelance projects.

my services

Brand Identity

Creating a brand that will match your core values, tell your story, be simple and memorable.
Following that, establishing a visual language that will accompany the brand.

Product Design

Designing the experience that will fit best to your user needs and your business goals, solve your complicated product needs, all of this with great attention to details and pixel perfect design.

Web Development

Developing a fast, beautiful, responsive and dynamic website, which will provide the best experience to your user, and will have an easy to use management system.


A company that provides a wide variety of wallpapers for individuals and companies. The website should deliver a simple, yet delightful browsing experience, which will lead the user to leave his contact details and purchase a wallpaper with confident.

UI&UX Design
Visual Design
Web Development
27 Albergo TLV

An urban hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv city. The hotel website helps convey its main features, presenting its facilities, and emphasize its benefits. All of that, combining with a smooth, prestige and esthetic experience should create the will to book a room.

UI&UX Design
Visual Design
Web Development

Minimaron's website's main part is a blog platform, which will easily let her upload new content to a beautiful and minimal visual layout. Alongside that, it also features a photography portfolio.

UI&UX Design
Visual Design
Web Development
Universal Art

Universal is launching an annual catalog that incorporates the art pieces of various artists from a variety of fields. The catalog function as a distributing channel, and provides a detailed look at each of the pieces as well as information about the artist.

Visual Design
Print Design
my toolbox

I use Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, etc...) for general graphic design, including logo & brand design, marketing materials, print products, video & motion design and more.


I use Figma as my primary tool for UI design, wireframing & prototyping. With its great collaboration capabilities, We can work faster, Iterate seamlessly and achieving great results together.


I use Webflow platform to build custom made , fully responsive & beautiful websites. With stunning animations and interactions, fast performance and easy to use content management system for you to use.

my clients

That’s what they're saying...

Thank you for the work you did for us, the whole process was arranged, professional, and efficient leading to an impressive product with a lot of thought of the smallest details. The work with you was really flowing, ticking and pleasant.
You are patient, understanding, proactive, and determined to provide a solution for every need. The project progressed with efficiency and agility that did not come at the expense of results. Glad I chose to work with you and the result is far beyond what I expected! So thanks again, we will surely meet in the next project.

Gal Bachar, CEO @Kirot

I approach Omer to start a branding process for my business and create a website that will contain a blog and a photography portfolio. I prepared lots of ideas and inspirations and Omar knew exactly how to convert them into reality. At every stage of the process Omer made sure to share and consult with me, making me part of the process. Omer always knew to offer ideas that made the simplest things look even more professional. Omer accompanies me in every way of my brand and I would not choose anyone else to work with.

Ron Saadon, CEO @Minimaron

I come from the field of art where the visual subject has a lot of weight, and therefore it is important to choose a professional and unique designer.
In my first project with Omer, already in our first conversation, his professionalism was reflected, he realized through a short conversation my aspirations and translated it to visual design that communicates the nature of my business. The responses to the project from my clients were excellent and they also chose to join the following projects on which Omer was responsible. Since then we have put together several other projects.I relate to Omer's creative - outside the box thinking, that keeps a clean line and transmits professionalism. In addition, Omer is a high level service provider, caring and patient human being. Already waiting for the next project!

Moran Jacobi, CEO @Universal Art

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